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You trap yourself in an abandoned tower to escape the hell beast known as "Ludemon". He has destroyed your village and your only course of action is retaliation. Collect as much loot as you can and drop it on his head! Be careful, though, too much loot and you might not make it! Do it within the time limit or risk falling along with the tower. If you get stuck you can reset the level, but not the timer!

Controls(Xbox Controller)

  • Analog Stick to move Left and Right 
  • A to Jump  
  • X to collect items (with satchel)  
  • Y to drop the satchel

Controls(Keyboard Only)

  • Arrow Keys Left and Right to move 
  • Space to Jump 
  • Ctrl to collect items (with satchel)  
  • Shift(or Alt) to drop the satchel

Controls(Keyboard With Mouse)

  • A and D to move left or right 
  • Space to jump 
  • Left mouse click to collect items (with satchel) 
  • Right mouse click to drop the satchel

Controls(Other Controller)

  • Analog Stick to move Left and Right 
  • Button 0 to Jump  
  • Button 2 to collect items (with satchel)  
  • Button 3 to drop the satchel


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