Update 1.1! Bugfixes? Bugsfixed!

We made some updates! Hope these help make the game a bit nicer for people!

LootDrop 1.1 Fixes 

  • Objects are now kinematic so they do not move(No more kicking them out of the level!)
  • Monkey statue is 25% smaller to make jumping over it easier(Get out of the way!)
  • Platforms have less friction now, getting stuck on corners is eliminated (Introduces new bug "feature": Slopes now let player slide down them)
  • Camera in ending scene is now using the post processing effect(Shiny)
  • Ceilings have been brought down in various levels to prevent(You cheaters!)
  • Input for pause on controllers is now the correct button(Start in case you're wondering!)
  • Scenes that shouldn't have pause menus no longer open the pause menu.(Yo dawg I heard you like menus)


LootDrop_1.1_Linux_x86_64_Universal.zip 45 MB
Dec 07, 2017
LootDrop_1.1_Mac.app.zip 30 MB
Dec 07, 2017
LootDrop_1.1_Windows_32_Bit.zip 25 MB
Dec 07, 2017
LootDrop_1.1_Windows_64_Bit.zip 28 MB
Dec 07, 2017

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