A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Controls(Reconfigurable in Launcher):

WASD - Move
Mouse - Aim the Vacuum Gun
Mouse Wheel - Select a slime in your inventory
Right Click - Shoot a Slime
Left Click - Suck Up Slimes

"Laurie is a scientist researching a newly discovered species of slime creature with unique properties. One day her research at Rushcorp is bought out by a company called Revelation Industries, which specializes in military weapons research, after discovering that the the slimes can radiate extremely strong electrical fields when stressed, and when mixed can be turned into all kinds of useful materials. Laurie opposed the use of the the slimes as weapons and tools. To prevent Laurie from destroying research, Revelation Industries private security storm the Rushcorp research facility, and Laurie is captured. Upon waking up Laurie finds herself tied up inside the facility, she manages to free herself and determines to destroy the facility and escape the facility with the the slimes before they are captured. Using a the slimes containment unit, she makes her escape."

Install instructions

Download the zip and extract the contained folder to anywhere on your drive. Once extracted run the exe inside.


The Perfect Slime - Windows 17 MB
The Perfect Slime - Mac 19 MB
TPS - Windows - Jam Build 17 MB
TPS - Mac - Jam Build 19 MB


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good game so far. too bad that the last found purple slime didnt have any practical use though :-/

I think the biggest issue is I spent a lot of time trying to make the purple slime mechanics really cool, and then had no time to actually build puzzles around it. I was trying to do a whole like voltage thing where as you chain them together the power gets distributed between all nodes based on the distance between the power node. So a puzzle might be to somehow get a receiver node to get EXACTLY like 75w or something like that. In the end debugging how it worked took too long and I basically had to axe most of it.  

Considering that it's still a prototype, I liked this game quite a bit. The weapon is a good idea, given how you can use different slimes differently. It's also good for more challenging gameplay that they are limited. The graphics look nice and tidy too.

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