You are the driver for a hard disk, you have one job, when given data you must store it on the disk effectively to prevent running out of space!

Keep in mind you only have a small cache, so you must be effecient at storing data to the disk! Store as much as you can to get the highest score.

If you run out of cache space when the system tries to add more data to the cache the disk will crash, and you'll be replaced with.... *Shudders* an SSD

Place Objects from the cache on the disk to get points!

Don't forget to allocate chunks of the drive for storage


WASD - Move the player
Arrow Keys - Move the Object Cursor
Q & E Keys - Rotate pieces
Space - Place Pieces
R & F Keys - Switch Pieces
Left Shift - Switch Between Room/Object Mod


Left Stick - Move the player
Right Stick - Move the Object Cursor
Left and Right Bumpers - Rotate pieces
A Button - Place Pieces
X & Y Button - Switch Pieces
B Button - Switch Between Room/Object Mode


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AllTheThings: ReTextured - WebGL - Jam Mechanics 16 MB

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