After uncovering an ancient evil and it’s protector, they both escape their eternal imprisonment. Upon inspection of the wreckage of the stone prison. You find a Sword.

“Your presence has allowed my brother and I to escape. My brother is corrupted and needs to be stopped at all costs. I imprisoned him before along with myself acting as a guardian just in case he ever escaped again. My Centuries of slumber have left me weakened, I need to feed in order to maintain my strength. I sense my brother’s presence, we must head to the volcano, inside is a temple where he will prepare the ritual to destroy the world as you know it! Quicly we haven’t much time!”

Upon touching the sword, you begin to bleed but heal imediately.

“I have granted you blood magic, using this powerful technique, you can fight your way to my brother. Be careful however, as blood magic is both powerful and dangerous, Using it recklessly may cause your demise!”

You take the sword, and head off through the city.



Arrow Keys: Movement
Space - Action
Left Alt - Cancel
Z/X: Zoom In/Out
C/V: Zoom In/Out


Only Xbox Controllers Supported Currently Sorry!

Left Analog Stick: Movement
Right Analog Stick: Camera Zoom and Rotate
A - Action
B - Cancel


0.1 - First Release
0.2 - Bug fixes with cutscenes
0.3 - Bug fixes with scene transitions
0.4 - Added Menu for changing music volume
0.5 - Fixed another cutscene bug
0.6 - Buffed movement from 5 to 8, buffed slime chase speed 5 to 8 fixed a bug where the transition overlay wouldn't go away. Buffed Text Speed


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