Try to abduct as many humans as you can before the human fleet shoots you down!

Arrow Keys: Move
Space Bar: Abduct

This game was made for the Ludum Dare #33 in just under 22 hours, as I started more than 24 hours late.

Install instructions

For Windows just download and extract it, then run Game.exe to get started.

Linux is untested but should be able to be launched with the Game.x86 or Game.x86_64 files from the terminal. Tweet me @SnowdramaGames if you try this and want to explain how to run it.

For Android users, download the APK either on your phone or on your PC and transfer it with a USB cable. Once its on the phone simply locate it and tap it. It should ask if you want to install the application, select yes and it will install the app. It will be called Invasion under your app list if it doesn't create a shortcut for you


Windows 10 MB