The Zombies are coming and they are hungry!

Everyone has to eat, even the zombies in the zombie apocalypse! But Brains aren’t on the menu today, they want fresh cooked Steak! Unfortunately zombies are an ANGRY sort. Maybe they just have low blood sugar today but they are on a rampage, and they are on their way to your store! I mean where else are they going to get subs like the Meatballer or, your signature sub, the Number 911? Cook up some delicious face stuffing “Sub” Machine Guns and stop the zombie horde from destroying your shop!


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Help Wanted - Windows 0.3 29 MB
Help Wanted - Mac 0.3 31 MB
Help Wanted - Linux 0.3 46 MB
HelpWanted Windows 0.1 Jam Version 29 MB

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